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Refrigerant Recovery

Refrigerant Supply, Inc is a company that specializes in buying refrigerants and reselling them through our extensive database of potential buyers. It is illegal for CFCs to be manufactured in the United States, so we take the buying of your refrigerants as seriously as we take the selling of it. We also specialize in refrigerant recovery and reclaiming, making the recovery of your refrigerant a lot easier when you only have to deal with one company. We also know all of the best professionals in the refrigeration industry, so we always provide the best services.

Refrigerant recovery is the active process which requires a licensed contractor to remove refrigerant, which is still contained in a refrigeration unit, and put it into portable storage vessels. Refrigerant Supply, Inc will actually do this service for you, or sub contract it to someone we trust, if you do not have a preferred licensed contractor. This is a complicated procedure which can go wrong at many points, and it is important that you do not attempt to do this yourself. Legally, a licensed contractor is the only person who can do this so you will affect the quality of your refrigerant if you forego this requirement.

Once the refrigeration recovery is successful, and the refrigerant is removed into portable storage vessels, then Refrigerant Supply, Inc will actually buy that refrigerant from directly from you ‘as is’. We offer you a vast database of refrigerant buyers, with whom we have built up very good relationships through our successful trading, and we also offer a true market price, making your refrigerant a desirable product. Refrigeration Supply, Inc is looking forward to adding you to our database of successful traders. We have the best reputation in the industry, and we can extend that reputation to you when you join us.

Once your refrigerant recovery is successful, your refrigerant needs to purified before it can be sold on the open market. Your refrigerant needs to meet regulatory refrigeration purification standards, set by the America Refrigeration Institute. This process of purification is called ‘reclamation’. A sample of your refrigerant is tested for these purification regulations, so make sure that you get a licensed technician to take a sample for you because sampling is an incredibly complicated process that requires a lot of fancy equipment and know how. Of course, Refrigeration Supply, Inc can provide this service for you as well, and we will do it automatically if we buy your refrigerant as is before this step.

We will buy your dirty, reclaimed, and virgin refrigerants. We may also take your mixed refrigerant after careful analysis. Call us at (937) 435-8600 if you have any questions regarding refrigerants, the process of refrigerant recovery (or other processes involved) or if you simply want to sell your refrigerant to (or buy your refrigerant from) us. You can also email us at sales@refrigerant-supply.com,

or fill in the form on our website to get a qualified professional to call you back and answer all of your questions.


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