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Freon Removal

Freon is another name for the group of organic compounds used as refrigerants. Refrigerants are the chemicals that are used in air conditioners, coolant systems and refrigerators, amongst other places. Freon removal refers specifically to the removal of these refrigerants into individual containers from a refrigerant site. Refrigerant Supply Inc is a company that specializes in refrigerants, especially the purchase and resale of such organic compounds. Refrigerant Supply purchases refrigerants in any form and in any place, and will ensure that those refrigerants reach the refrigerant purification standards before they are resold to other clients.

Refrigerant Supply purchases refrigerants in any condition, and so they are experts in Freon removal, recovery and reclamation. These processes are very delicate and require highly specialized services provided by competent individuals that are trained in their particular professions. Only qualified reclamation professionals are allowed to handle the refrigerant reclamation process, so be sure that you hire the best and most qualified reclamation professionals to assist you in your refrigerant reclamation needs. Do not ever attempt to handle raw refrigerant yourself as it can be toxic and therefore highly dangerous.

Once the Freon removal process is successfully completed, the organic compounds we all know as refrigerants can be sent through various delicate processes to be purified. Older refrigerants are very toxic and, in large doses, can be quite dangerous. This is another reason why they need to be purified: they need to produce the best results and only purified refrigerants are capable of this. There are quite a few purification standards that each refrigerant has to meet which are set in place by the American Refrigerant Institution. These purification standards are a legal requirement and thus need to be met before any refrigerant can be resold on the open market.

Because Freon removal, reclamation and recovery are such delicate processes, and need to be handled with care by a trained professional, Refrigerant Supply Inc sub contracts most of its technical work to pre approved sub contractors. This is mainly because these qualified individuals are a rare find. If you require these services, Refrigerant Supply Inc will either do it for you or refer you to a professional refrigerant technician who will be able to successfully assist you in your recovery, removal or reclamation. Be sure to use a company that is professional and reliable, and has been dominating the refrigeration industry for many years: Refrigerant Supply Inc.

Aside from Freon removal, recovery and reclamation, Refrigerant Supply Inc also sells refrigerant at highly competitive rates. CFCs are illegal to manufacture and import in the United States so it is a highly valued commodity. Because of this, Refrigerant Supply Inc has made sure that they have constant supply of all of the refrigerants that customers may request at various sites around the United States. This means that, if you are selling your refrigerant, your product is usually sold before Refrigerant Supply Inc even buys it from you! This is just one of the ways that Refrigerant Supply Inc is making sure that costs are low and you always get the best price for your refrigerant.


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