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Freon Recycling

Refrigerant Supply Inc. is based in the State of Ohio. They specialize in purchasing and selling of refrigerants. They have been in business since 1996 and the sole owner is Dana Studebaker, who is well known in the CFC refrigerant marketplace. Refrigerant Supply Inc. has a comprehensive website at www.refrigerant-supply.com where you can view a full listing of their 13 refrigerant products they have on offer. Any further queries can be dealt with by their efficient staff on (973) 4358600. While you are on their website don’t forget to look at their Freon recycling information.

Refrigerant Supply Inc. has a comprehensive recovery and reclamation program. The recover refrigerant from old refrigeration units, transfer it to the appropriate storage containers and then ensure that the refrigerant is purified to the appropriate reclamation standards before being resold. They collect numerous refrigerant gases including Freon for recycling. They take pride in the fact that they are able to recover and reclaim such a valuable and yet potentially hazardous commodity.

Freon recycling entails the recovery from old units of the colorless liquefied gas with a slight etheral odor. Refrigerant Supply Inc. recommends that the recovery be done by licensed contractor. Unlike some of the other refrigerants Freon needs to be stored in pressurized canisters for transporting. If for some reason there is no licensed contractor in your area Refrigerant Supply Inc. will gladly assist you. They will also pay you market value for your very valuable refrigerant, so don’t let your contractor keep it for himself.

Another very crucial phase in Freon recycling is the purification process. Many people are not aware that water, oil and even air can contaminate the refrigerant. Due care needs to be taken when removing and storing these gases. All purification of refrigerants done by Refrigerant Supply Inc. is done to the ARI 700 reclaim standards. These standards have been set by the American Refrigeration Institute (ARI), and they have extremely high analytical parameters. All refrigerants have to meet these exacting standards before they can be resold for use in new refrigeration units.

Freon recycling can be a very lucrative monetary opportunity for the man in the street, discovering a store room full of old refrigeration units. Simply call in a licensed contractor or give Refrigerant Supply Inc. a call and they will pay you for the recovered refrigerant. You can rest assured that the old refrigeration units will not rust away and expose the atmosphere to its effects. You will have no worries about possible contamination and Refrigerant Supply Inc. will send in their professional staff with the correct equipment to ensure a safe removal and storage of all refrigerants from your property.

Freon recycling involves the use of specialized equipment when the refrigerant is being removed to its pressurized cylinder. Refrigerant Supply Inc. is a highly professional company and their licensed contractors are equipped with the right equipment for safe refrigerant removal. They are trained in the use, safe transfer and storage of these refrigerants. Refrigerant Supply Inc. in fact recommends that the man in the street not be tempted to remove these refrigerants.


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