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Forane is used in the refrigeration industry. It is used in all kinds of cooling or freezing applications in various fields including but not limited to the automotive industry, the construction industry and the food processing industry. It has become very popular in the domestic and commercial refrigeration industries and is used in both home refrigerators. Forane 134a, also referred to as R134a, is currently the most popular kind of Forane to be used as provides safe and efficient cooling in systems that is primarily used to maintain medium levels of cooling.

For lower temperatures another classification of Forane is used, depending on the requirements of the cooling system and the environment. For lower temperature requirements, such as with freezers and ice cream machines, Forane 404A and Forane 507 will provide better results. Forane (R134a) was used as a replacement for Freon 12, who was found to be hazardous to both humans and the environment. Forane (R134a) was found to be non-toxic and inflammable and was the perfect choice to replace Freon 12 as it held the same cooling characteristics that made Freon 12 such a popular choice. It comes closer to the cooling properties of Freon 12 than any other refrigerant. It is not a direct replacement though.

The use of Forane (R134a) was introduced in 1992 and by 1995 all new vehicles were factory equipped with Forane (R134a) air conditioning systems as the production of Freon 12 was phased out by the end of that year. Because these chemical are so different, federal law prohibits them from being mixed to prevent cross contamination. Law also requires from individuals who performs work on a Freon 12 system, to recover and recycle Freon 12.

Air conditioning systems that use Forane (R134a) use various types of polyalkylene glycol oil which is different from Freon 12 – systems that use mineral oils. Forane (R134a) and Freon 12 are incompatible and chemically different. Despite this fact, Forane (R134a) can be used in a Freon 12 – system if the system is converted to the new refrigerant. This conversion must be done by qualified technicians to ensure safety and proper functioning of the new system.

Forane comes in liquid form and is so safe, in fact, that it is used as a general inhalation anesthetic drug. It is a clear and colorless liquid which is stable and does not need any additives or chemical stabilizers. Storage in the sunlight left its composition unchanged and it does not attack aluminum, brass, tin, copper or iron.


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