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Refrigerant Supply - R12

Production of R12 or CFC 12 was halted by the Clean Air act on 1 January 1996. Today the remaining supplies are products which has been recovered and reclaimed back to a chemically pure state in accordance with ARI-700 standards. The ARI standard is basically a virgin specification. The supply of virgin product is limited as most of the virgin was depleted in the first year after production ceased. Production ceased in 1995.

Dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12), usually sold under the name Freon-12, is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) halomethane used as a refrigerant and aerosol spray propellant until its manufacture was discontinued in 1995, due to concerns about damage to the ozone layer. The ozone depletion potential of R-12 is 0.82, which is relatively high.

R-12 was primarily used in automobiles produced prior to 1994. The use of chlorofluorocarbons as an aerosol in medicine, for example: USP-approved Albuterol has been phased out by the US Food and Drug Administration. R-12 is also known as; CFC-12, Freon 12, P-12 and Propellant 12. Its chemical formula is CCI 2 F 2 and the molecular mass is 120.9135064 g/mol. It has a density of 1.49 g/cm³ at -30 °C, its melting point is -156 °C and boils at -30 °C.

Now Refrigerant Supply Inc is a company that specializes in the buying and selling of R-12. Refrigerant Supply Inc is a registered Sub-Charter S Corporation for the state of Ohio. They actively purchase your refrigerants as well as selling refrigerants to its customers; also they manage the recycling of the extracted refrigerant for resale.

As CFC’s (R-12) are illegal to manufacture or import into the United States, our purchase of your CFC’s (R-12) is just as important as our CFC sale. Whether purchasing or selling R12, pricing is dependent upon which category your refrigerant falls. Below are four grading categories:

  • Virgin Refrigerants – To qualify as a virgin refrigerant (R-12), the material must still be packaged in its original containers and still have its original factory seal.
  • Reclaimed Refrigerants – the refrigerant (R-12) must meet ARI reclamation standards. Most refrigerant reclaiming facilities will provide a certificate and put a reclaim seal on the container to verify its purity.
  • Dirty Refrigerants – This category you should count on when refrigerants (R-12) are removed from service. In this case, the material contains contamination of air, water, oil and particulates.
  • Mixed Refrigerants – This category indicates that your refrigerant (R-12) is not just contaminated with air, oil, water and particulates, but also contains contamination from other refrigerants or solvents.

When Refrigerants (R-12) is still contained in a refrigeration unit, a licensed contractor must be used to remove the R-12 into a storage container. Should you not have the required contractor Refrigerant Supply Inc will sub-contract this activity. Once the refrigerant has been placed into portable storage containers, Refrigerant Supply Inc will purchase the R12 directly from you.


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