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R 12

R 12 is a chemical compound known as a refrigerant. It has a whole range of other names, including dichlorodifluoromethane, cfc 12, Freon 12, Genetron 12 and Forane 12. Refrigerants are used in cooling systems, air conditioners and refrigerators. R 12 is used specifically in auto air conditioning and medium and high refrigeration. You can distinguish it as a colorless liquefied gas that has a slightly etheral odor. Most refrigerants are toxic and so are given an etheral additive so that people can smell when they are leaking. Small amounts of it are not toxic, like a refrigerator or air conditioner leak.

The production of the popular R 12 was discontinued in 1995 due to concerns about the ozone layer. It has a global warming factor of 10680, which means that it has an ozone depletion potential of 0.82 which is very high. It has a life span of 102 years, and that is why we still have r 12 today. It is being replaced by other safer chemical compounds, but that does not discount that there are still millions of cars and refrigerators that are designed to run with it, and that it is still here whether we take advantage of it or not.

Refrigerant Supply Inc both buys and resells this valuable refrigerant because it is illegal to manufacture it in, or import it to, the United States. There is always somebody that needs r 12 so Refrigerant Supply Inc has done away with the traditional method of selling refrigerant and has opted for something new instead. Every time that someone approaches Refrigerant Supply Inc looking for r 12, Refrigerant Supply Inc will purchase the r 12 refrigerant immediately in order to resell after successful purification. This means that they never have to pay for expensive storage space, which drastically reduces the cost of the refrigerant.

Refrigerant Supply Inc also stocks other refrigerants besides r 12, including r 11, r 22, r 13, r 114, r 23, and many others. They also specialize in refrigerant recovery and refrigerant reclamation which is an incredibly delicate procedure. If sellers are not interested in paying someone to do these risky procedures by themselves, they can sell their refrigerant, whatever it is, exactly as is to Refrigerant Supply Inc. Refrigerant Supply Inc will then complete all of these procedures, as well as purification, before reselling the refrigerant on the open market to potential refrigerant buyers.

Refrigerant Supply Inc has been buying and selling refrigerants like r 12 for years. They are well known in the refrigeration industry for their expertise, reliability and great prices. Be sure to get the best price for your refrigerant when you decide to sell your refrigerant – whether you have a small refrigerant canister that you found in your dad’s garage or huge amounts of refrigerant that you don’t want anymore, Refrigerant Supply Inc will be able to find a buyer. Make sure that you get the best service and top quality refrigerants from a top quality company.


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