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Be Sure to visit our Refrigerant Reference Pages.
They provide detailed information for 13 refrigerants including:
r-11 cfc-11 trichlorofluoromethane r-12 cfc-12 dichlorodifluoromethane
r-13 cfc-13 chlorotrifluoromethane r-22 hcfc-22 chlorodifluoromethane
r-23 hfc-23 trifluoromethane r-113 cfc-113 trichlorotrifluoroethane
r-114 cfc-114 dichlorotetrafluoroethane r-115 cfc-115 chloropentafluoroethane 
r-116 cfc-116 hexachloroethane r-134a hfc-134a tetrafluoroethane
r-500 cfc-500 r-502 cfc-502
r-503 cfc-503


Refrigerant Supply is the right place to come to if you would like one company that will actively buy refrigerants as well as sell refrigerant to its clients. Not only that, but Refrigerant Supply also handles the reclaiming of refrigerants from HVAC units and deals with the recycling of the extracted refrigerant for reselling purposes.

Absolutely anyone can make use of our specialist services, from refrigeration contractors and chemical companies to the man on the street.

Refrigerant Supply is:

  • A registered Corporation for the State of Ohio

  • In business since 1996

Refrigerant Supply provides its customers with as much information as possible on the various types of refrigerants. For example, pricing for both buying and selling refrigerants depends largely on which category the particular refrigerant in question falls into, so we provide information for our clients on the different categories.

Refrigerant Grading Categories

  • Virgin Refrigerant (in original packaging with original factory seals)

  • Reclaimed Refrigerant (meets ARI reclamation standards)

  • Dirty or Used Refrigerant (contaminated by air, water, oils, etc)

  • Mixed Refrigerant (contaminated by air, water, oil etc as well as with other refrigerants or solvents)

For more detailed information on each of the above categories, take a look through our “Sales and Purchase of Refrigerant” navigation link on the left of our homepage.

Refrigerants that Refrigerant Supply actively markets for include:

  • r-12 cfc 12 r12 dichlordifluoromethane Refrigerant

  • r-11 cfc 11 r11 trichlorofluoromethane Refrigerant

  • r-23 hfc-23 r-23 trifluoromethane Refrigerant

  • r-115 cfc-115 r115 chloropentafluoroethane Refrigerant

  • r-116 cfc-116 r116 hexachloroethane Refrigerant

  • r-114 cfc-114 r114 dichlorotetrafluoroethane Refrigerant

  • r-500 cfc-500 r500 Refrigerant

  • r-502 cfc-502 r502 Refrigerant

  • r-503 cfc-503 r503 Refrigerant

For a more detailed list, please visit our “ Sale and Purchase of Refrigerant” page.

One refrigerant that we would like to make mention of here is the R-12 refrigerant, which is usually sold under the brand name Freon-12, and is otherwise known or branded as CFC-12, Freon 12, Genetron 12 or Forane 12. R-12 Dichlorodifluoromethane is a chloroflurocarbon halomethane, more commonly known as a CFC, can be used mainly as a refrigerant. You can find very detailed information on Freon-12 on our website under the “The Refrigerant Reference Pages” navigation link.

Freon-12 information on our site includes:

  • General Information (refrigerant applications, color and odor , etc)

  • Physical Information (boiling point, critical temperature and pressure, etc)

  • Toxicity and Global Warming Information

  • Packaging Information

  • Shipping Information

  • ARI 700 Reclaim Standards

  • Alternative Refrigerant Options for R-12 Non-Automotive Applications

  • R-12 Alternatives for Automotive Applications

The same information is available on our website under the same hyperlink for many other refrigerants. Please feel free to take a look through the list and if you would like further information then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you if at all possible.

Refrigerant Supply clients pay far lower prices than they would if they had to go anywhere else for their refrigerant needs. We are able to cut costs to a bare minimum because we keep limited stock of refrigerants in our inventory, thereby reducing our operating costs quite drastically. This does not, however, limit us in any way whatsoever – we have instant access to limitless volumes of refrigerant at all times.


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