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We all live with refrigerants in our homes, in our air conditioning systems at home and in the car as well as in our fridges. A Refrigerant is the chemical used in the cooling processes of many appliances like fridges and air conditioning. The term refrigerant refers to a host of chemical coolants used in the refrigeration process.

Refrigeration is widely regarded as one of the most important discoveries of this era. Without refrigerant, we would not be able to preserve our food, not to mention the medical value of refrigeration, which saves millions of lives through blood transfusion and organ donation.

But just how far back does the history of refrigeration go? Since prehistoric times people have wanted to find a way to cool things down. Packing meats in caves or packed in snow were some of the earliest attempts at refrigeration. All over the world, using snow has been a popular method since the earliest recorded times. People constructed elaborate snow trenches to keep meats and other items cold.

Today the most popular refrigerant used in the home contains either R-134a or R-22 refrigerant. It is estimated that R-22 is the refrigerant of choice used in roughly 95% of all air conditioning units in America today. R-12 is also a popular refrigerant. Because both R-12 and R-22 are dangerous to the environment and people it is, being phased out in accordance with the Montreal Protocol.

The long-term effects of refrigerants on the environment was only discovered fairly recently. Refrigerants and CFC’s are now known to be damaging the ozone layer. In response to this, the world leaders and policy makers signed the Montreal Protocol The Montreal Protocol is an international agreement to drastically reduce the amount of CFC and refrigerant pollutants in circulation around the world. Since the Montreal Protocol came into effect on 1 January 1989, Kofi Annan has been quoted calling the Montreal Protocol is “the most successful international agreement to date”. This treaty governs the control of substances which deplete the ozone layer have been strictly controlled. The aim of the Montreal Protocol is to minimize the number of substances that deplete the ozone layer.

Leaking refrigerants can be dangerous to you and your family. Headaches, heart palpitations and dizziness are just some of the side effects that you suffer as a result of a refrigerant leak in your home. For small children and pets and unchecked refrigerant leak can be toxic. Only trained personnel should handle refrigerant!

For more information about specific refrigerants and the recovery and removal, visit our website at http://www.refrigerant-supply.com/. Refrigerant Supply Inc. is located in Ohio…. We at Refrigerant Supply can help you with refrigerant recovery and removal. Our quality service will make refrigerant removal and recovery a lot easier.

Because refrigerants are not only toxic, they are highly flammable you should hire a trained professional to help you with your refrigerant removal. Best of your used refrigerant has resale value. Let us look and give you a quote.



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