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Refrigerant Removal and the Ozone layer

Responsible refrigerant removal is one way in which everybody can do his or her bit for the environment. As science has developed a better knowledge of the ozone layer, we are starting to understand what damage our refrigerators and air conditioners are having on the greater picture. Many popular refrigerants have been found to have toxic consequences for the ozone layer.

The hole in the ozone layer affects us all. Scientists are only beginning to understand the intricacies of global warming and the effects this will have on future generations. There’s no doubt about it the impact which refrigerants have on the ozone layer is huge, so huge that the hole in the ozone layer is currently estimated to be the size of a continent! CFC’s are now known to have a huge effect on the ozone layer because they are insoluble and durable and can last in the atmosphere for many decades. Skin cancer is another of the often cited effects of refrigerants and CFC’s on the environment but far more worrying is the large scale climatic shifts that are taking placing because of ozone deterioration. An important discovery was the contribution of certain refrigerants to the deterioration of the ozone layer.

We all have refrigerants in our homes; some are more toxic than others are. It is believed that most homes use R-22 refrigerant and have been doing so for over 40 years! This means that the recovery, reclamation, recycling and removal of these and other harmful refrigerants is a massive undertaking. As we become more environmentally conscious refrigerant removal is becoming an important priority. Do you know if your AC system or refrigerator uses an outdated refrigerant? Most people do not! And making the switch from outdated, possibly dangerous refrigerants to the newer, cheaper and more environmentally sound refrigerants is easy.

Recovering, recycling or reclaiming refrigerants are just some of the ways to deal with refrigerant removal. It is best to use a professional refrigerant removal company to help you with this. In industrial settings, refrigerant removal can become a large and costly experience for businesses.

The Montreal Protocol was passed in 1987 and is an international agreement on the phasing out of harmful CFC’s and other ozone depleting substances. Many refrigerants fall under this umbrella. The EPA offers consumers information and guidance with accordance to the laws and regulations regarding refrigerant removal. All service, maintenance, recycling, removal and recovery of any refrigerant must comply with the EPA standards. The law requires that consumers keep a record of statements to prove that the refrigerant was removed. Good news for consumers is that the newer refrigerants will be cheaper as well as being more enviro-friendly. The bad news is the slower we are to remove our outdated refrigerant; the more permanent damage will be done to the ozone layer.

DIY refrigerant removal is complicated and not generally recommended for the average consumer. Refrigerant removal is a complex process. No only do you need knowledge of the exact refrigerant you are working with, as well as equipment, you need the correct documentation and time! Save yourself the trouble! Come and visit us ay http://www.refrigerant–supply.com for all your refrigerant removal needs.



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