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Refrigerant Reclamation

It is vitally important to be aware than when attempting refrigerant reclamation that a trained professional handle this function. In many states, the technician called to handle this function, requires a licence to perform this duty. Refrigerant that has been removed from a refrigeration unit will need to be purified – it is this process that is referred to as either reclaiming or reclamation of refrigerant. It is through our successful and tactical refrigerant reclamation that we can effectively assist your company in carrying out this vital function.

On the successful removal of the refrigerant from the refrigerant unit and in order to sell the product on an open market, the reclamation company will need to ensure that the refrigerant meets the regulatory purification levels. These rigorous standards are set by the American Refrigeration Institute or ARI. However, Refrigerant Supply are able to successfully meet these requirements are able to best advise clients on the factors relating to refrigerant reclamation. Our role within the recycling of refrigerants is that we purchase your refrigerants, as well as sell legal refrigerants to various companies across the United States.

Refrigerant Supply have been involved in the business of refrigerant recycling and reclamation since 1996 and we are certainly more than qualified to handle the delicate operation of extracting refrigerant from refrigeration units. Refrigerant Supply are unrivalled in arranging as well as overseeing the reclamation as well as recycling of refrigerants from HVAC units, and additionally handling the refrigerant after extraction and the subsequent recycling of the refrigerant.

The purpose of refrigerant reclamation is two fold – the first being that Refrigerant Supply’s are able to afford their customers the opportunity to gain monetary value from their refrigerant reclamation. The reclaimed refrigerant will be sold to those companies who have a need for the product. The second factor obtained as a result of refrigerant reclamation is that this process is a step in improving and aiding the restoration of the environment. Refrigerant Reclamation has proven to have positive impacts on the environment – which will allow the customer to feel that they are contributing to the health of the planet

However, in a business sense refrigerant reclamation function is able to afford your organisation to gain financial value for your refrigerant. Because we have made the business of refrigerant our main line business, we have developed a network of refrigerant buyers and it is through this network that Refrigerant Supply will be able to get the true market related price for your used refrigerant. In our quest to offer you – our client, the best service possible we are proud to state that Refrigerant Supply is respected within the CFC refrigerant marketplace. A heritage which we are proud of! If you are interested in getting involved with recycling refrigerant, simply contact Refrigerant Supply and we will be happy to assist you with your refrigerant needs. It is vital to keep in mind that skilled and licensed individuals need to carry out your refrigerant reclamation function.


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