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Refrigerant R12

Here at Refrigerant Supply Inc. we know everything there is to know about refrigerators. Since we entered the market in 1996, we have helped a variety of companies, such as chemical companies, refrigeration companies, contractors and even people like yourself. If your looking to buy a new refrigerant, why not let Refrigerant Supply Inc's owner, Dana Studebaker, help you to purchase a refrigerant that will fulfill in all your needs. As a well-known dealer in the CFC refrigerant marketplace, Dana will tell you everything you need to know about the refrigerant best suited for your needs. Whether you're looking for refrigerants such as the R12-refrigerant, the R11-refrigerant, or the R13-refrigerant, Dana will be able to help you.

The R12-refrigerant is mainly used for medium and high temperature refrigeration, but can also be used for auto air conditioning. Let Refrigerant Supply Inc help you to find your R12-refrigerant today. Not only does Refrigerant Supply Inc sell refrigerants, but we also purchase used refrigerants from our customers. We can provide you with a list which you can use to categorize your refrigerants in order to determine what it is worth. We have four grading categories, dividing refrigerants into groups such as virgin refrigerants, reclaimed refrigerants, dirty refrigerants, and mixed refrigerants. A virgin refrigerant needs to be packaged in its original containers, and should still have its original factory seals. A reclaimed refrigerant needs to meet the American Refrigerant Institute's (ARI) reclamation standards. You can view these standards on our website at www.refrigerant-supply.com. Refrigerant reclaiming facilities usually provide a certificate and a reclaim seal to show that your refrigerant meets the ARI-standards. It is important to make sure that your refrigerant was not removed form a chiller system, for if it has, it probably will not meet these standards.

In the third group, we categorize dirty refrigerants, which are usually removed from service. Oil, air, and water particulates can usually be found in the material. These refrigerants usually need shipment to a reclamation facility for processing. For your convenience, Refrigerant Supply Inc. can help you with the processing activity, or we can purchase your refrigerant from you to spare you the hassle. The last group a refrigerant can be categorized in, is a mixed refrigerant. This means that a refrigerant not only contains water, oil, or air contaminated particulates, but is also from other refrigerants and solvents. Such refrigerants are not markable and it might not be economically feasible to have it reclaimed. Let Refrigerant Supply Inc categorize your R12-refrigerant.

If you want to purchase your new R12-refrigerant from Refrigerant Supply Inc, or if you want us to sell your old refrigerant, or if you want us to reclaim of recycle your R12 or any other refrigerant, please call us on (973) 435-8600. You can also email us at sales@refrigerant-supply.com, or send us a fax to (973) 439-0046. You are also welcome to visit our office in 6581 Mad river road, Dayton, OH 45459.


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