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Refrigerant Disposal

Refrigerant disposal can be a tricky business. Refrigerant Supply Inc. has the answer to your refrigerant disposal problems! Whether you want to have your refrigerant waste removed and disposed of or recycled for resale, call Refrigerant Supply Inc. for a friendly quote now! No obligation! We cater to industrial clients as well as private customers who have need of an adequate refrigerant disposal service.

Refrigerant Supply Inc. has been operating in the refrigerant disposal industry since 1996. We are a registered Sub-Chapter S Corporation for the State of Ohio, so you can be sure you are getting the best price around for your refrigerant waste. We will come to your premises and purchase your waste directly. We can also pay cash for smaller consignments of refrigerant!

Besides being effective managers of refrigerant disposal, Refrigerant Supply Inc. also sell refrigerants to industrial, corporate and private clients! We have a wide variety of CFC refrigerants for sale through our agents. Remember though, we keep a minimal supply of refrigerant. We have normally sold your refrigerant before we even pick it up from you. So remember that if you want to buy refrigerant from us, make sure you pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Our policy of keeping a minimal supply of refrigerants allows us to keep our operating costs to a minimum. That means that whenever you are in need of refrigerant disposal we are able to offer you the highest possible price for your refrigerant waste. It also allows us to offer the best deals to prospective buyers of recycled refrigerant products.

These days there is a lot of legislation around refrigerant disposal. The removal of any refrigerant liquid from a refrigeration unit requires a licensed operator. We now offer this service as part of our recovery and reclamation package. Once the refrigerant is stored in special refrigerant disposal containers, we can remove it from your premises and pay you for the amount of refrigerant recovered.

After we have removed your refrigerant, it is stored in two ways. This would depend on the type of refrigerant. Disposal containers which are pressurized are used to handle refrigerants which will boil at room temperature. All other refrigerants can be stored in regular metal drums. The drums must be entirely clean before refrigerants are placed in them, because the mixtures used are extremely delicate.

Extreme caution must be exercised when dealing with refrigerant disposal containers and their contents. Pressurized containers must only be handled, opened and sampled by a licensed operator. Mishandled refrigerant materials, or refrigerants which have been put through unclean pipes could fail ARI standards. In this case we would not be able to recycle the refrigerants.

So, if you have refrigerant disposal needs, don’t hesitate to call Refrigerant Supply Inc. on (937) 435 8600 or visit us on the world wide web at www.refrigerant-supply.com. Remember to always be careful when handling dangerous refrigerants, and call the professionals first!


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