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Refrigerant 12

Refrigerant 12 or Freon as it is most commonly referred to, allowed for the possibility of safer refrigerators for home use. It was developed in the late 1920s and was noted to be far less toxic than other refrigerant used in this era, being methyl formate, ammonia, methyl chloride and sulfur dioxide. In terms of catering for safety, refrigerant 12 or Freon allowed for the refrigerator units to be far smaller than their predecessors.

The patent of Refrigerant 12 was at first claimed by the automotive industry, but it was later thought that the product would serve a far more useful form in terms of the domestic market use and by 1930 refrigerant 12 could be obtained on the open market. The use of refrigerant 12 was common in refrigerators across the globe for nearly half a century, until the Montreal Protocol banned the product in 1989, due to its seemingly detrimental effects it has on the ozone layer.

By the beginning of January 1992, the EPA required that refrigerant 12 be removed from all automotive air conditioning systems; in 1993 the EPA further required that major leaks within refrigeration systems be amended within a period of 30 days. A major leak was defined as a leak rate that would be equivalent to 35% of the total refrigerant charge of the system; this was a requirement which both commercial and industrial refrigerants systems had to meet.

Finally in December 1995 the importation and production of Refrigerant 12 or Freon was banned and the lifespan of this once highly acclaimed refrigerant was at its closing stages. It is to this end that Refrigerant Supply are able to provide you with their highly skilled and knowledge regarding refrigerant 12. Stringent standards have been set by the American Refrigeration Institute or ARI which deal with the discarding of refrigerant 12.

An important and vital factor to bear in mind when dealing with refrigerant 12 is that skilled professional must called upon to handle any possible recycling or reclamation practice. In fact the skilled professional who is going to undertaking the task of recycling the refrigerant such as refrigerant 12 requires a licence to perform this duty. Refrigerant that has been removed from a refrigeration unit will need to be purified and it is referred to as either reclaiming or reclamation, either method may be looked upon as ultimately recycling of the refrigerant.

Because we have been in the business of recycling and dealing refrigerants since 1996, it is to be appreciated that we are more than qualified to handle the somewhat daunting and often jargoned task of recycling or disposing of refrigerant. Refrigerant supply are unsurpassed in arranging and overseeing the reclaiming as well as recycling of refrigerants from HVAC units, and additionally handling the refrigerant after extraction subsequent recycling of disposal of the said refrigerant.

The banning of refrigerant 12 has proven to have positive impacts on the environment. Since Refrigerant Supply has made the business of refrigerant our main line business, we have developed a network of refrigerant buyers and it is through this network that Refrigerant Supply will be able to get the true market related price for your used refrigerant or best offer advice on disposal.



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