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Refridgerant is the same thing that is sometimes called coolant. It is used for air conditions and fridges or freezers mainly, but it can be used for other things too. It is essentially a compound that is used in a specific kind of heat cycle, which changes the gas to a liquid and then back to a gas again. Older refridgerants used to damage the ozone layer, but now new ones are specifically engineered to be non corrosive and safe. These new ones also have really good thermodynamic properties which make them more valuable.

Refridgerant thermodynamics have to be quite rigid. You want a refridgerant that has a boiling temperature below the target temperature, and a high heat of vaporization. With regards to density, it needs to have a moderate density in liquid form (in the middle of the process) and a high density in gas form (on either ends of the process). Liquid Propane gas is fast becoming the most popular refridgerant in modern society as it is not as highly toxic as the sulphur dioxide gas that was traditionally used. Although Liquid Propane gas is toxic, it is only contained in small amounts in home refrigerators and cannot do any harm in such small quantities.

There is a natural refridgerant that we all know about – Carbon Dioxide (CO 2). This natural refridgerant is a safe alternative to other more popular refridgerants that damage the ozone layer and promote global warming. Carbon Dioxide is not flammable, does not help to deplete the ozone layer, is non toxic and has a global warming potential of only 1. Currently the popular refridgerants’ global warming potential can reach far beyond 150 which is a major concern for health officials and refridgerant producers. Carbon Dioxide can be used in refrigerators, cars, air conditioners, vending machines and hot water pumps safely.

Refridgerant Supply Inc is a registered company that purchases refridgerants and resells them to its customers. It complies with all the regulations governing refridgerants, both in selling and purchasing, and with the complicated refridgerant recovery process. Refridgerant Supply Inc has been in business since 1996 – that’s more than ten years of successful refridgerant services offered to the world! With so much experience and success, Refridgerant Supply Inc can provide services to major corporations as well as the average Joe with all their refridgerant needs – from recovery to purchasing, Refridgerant Supply Inc will give you the best service and the best prices.

CFCs are illegal to manufacture or import to the United States, so purchasing your CFCs within the United States is just as important to Refridgerant Supply Inc as selling them is. CFCs don’t necessarily need to be used for toxic purposes or in refrigerators which can help to damage the ozone layer – refridgerants can be used for a variety of other purposes too. If you have refridgerants to sell, or if you want to purchase refridgerants, call Refrigeration Supply Inc today and get the best quote and valuations on the refridgerant supply market.


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