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Refrigerants are chemical compounds that are used in the coolant process in air conditioners and refrigerators. They are tricky substances that can be completely devalued if they are ever used incorrectly. You need to reclaim refrigerant in a highly specific and delicate process called ‘reclamation’, which is actually a process of purification which will purify your refrigerant so that it complies with the necessary purification regulations set out by the American Refrigeration Institute. Refrigerant can only be sold on the open market if it meets all of the required purification levels, so this process is very important and needs to be executed by a highly trained registered individual.

The process to reclaim refrigerant is complicated, and it preceded by the even more complicated process of recovery. This is the process whereby the refrigerant is actually removed from its original source and decanted into portable storage vessels. This process, if not done by a professional, can end up making your refrigerant worthless – you need to make sure that you have a registered refrigerant technician to recover the refridgerant safely. This is especially important because most older refrigerants are highly toxic and can prove fatal if there is a mistake in the recovery process. Once the refrigerant is successfully recovered, it needs to be purified so that it can be sold.

There are a number of different refrigerants and so the process to reclaim refrigerant differs slightly with each one. The differences extend to which compounds can come into contact with the refrigerant, and, of course, how careful you have to be when reclaiming. Refrigerant Supply Inc has been dominating the Refrigerant Industry for more than ten years – and has all the resources and the experience to do this reclaiming successfully. This is why you can sell your refrigerant product to them ‘as is’ after recovery and they will complete the purification process with their own professionals.

Making sure that you reclaim refrigerant properly can be a difficult task, and it is less risky if you sell your refrigerant ‘as is’ because you won’t be liable for the refrigerant if the reclaiming process is completed incorrectly. You also won’t have to have all of the fancy equipment one needs to purify the refridgerant. This service is offered to all individuals – both large corporations and the average man who inherits refrigerant canisters. Refrigerant Supply Inc both purchases refrigerant (in its raw, recovered or purified forms) and sells refrigerant to other companies. They have a minimal inventory, but also have access to unlimited refrigerant supplies so this makes their prices drop drastically.

Refrigerant Supply Inc can successfully assist you with your refrigerant needs, whether you want to reclaim refrigerant, purchase refrigerant or even identify the refrigerant that you found in your garage! With years of expertise and successful refrigerant experience, it is no wonder that the name ‘Refrigerant Supply’ is so well respected and well known in the refrigerant industry. Make sure that you use professionals who know what they’re doing when it comes to your refrigerant.


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