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Genetron 11 is the brand name for R-11 Trichlorodifluoromethane. It is also known by the brand names CFC-11, Freon 11 and Forane 11. Refrigerant Supply Inc. reclaims, recycles, stores and sells Genetron 11 to various chemical companies, refrigeration contractors and the man in the street. Refrigerant Supply Inc. has been in business since 1996 and the owner, Dana Studebaker is well known and respected in the CFC refrigerant marketplace.

The use of Genetron 11 is ideal for use in centrifugal chillers. Genetron 12 is known by the brand name Dichlorodifluoromethane and is used mostly in auto air conditioning, medium and high temperature refrigeration. Genetron 13 is known by the brand name Chlorotrifluoromethane is used mostly in very low temperature refrigeration. This product is purchased, recycled and resold by Refrigerant Supply Inc.

Genetron is a registered CFC and therefore cannot be manufactured or imported into the United States. For this reason Refrigerant Supply Inc. sees there purchases, recycling and resale of CFC’s as a major benefit to the environment as a whole. Removal of refrigerants from old units is not recommended for the man in the street. Rather have an expert remove it or contact Refrigerant Supply Inc. and they will gladly assist you. If you are uncertain what type of gas is in an old unit which you have discovered rather call the experts to assist you. Many of these refrigerants need to be stored in specialized containers hence then need for expert removal of them.

Refrigerant Supply Inc. only maintains a minimal inventory of Genetron and other refrigerant stocks. This saves on storage costs and the savings are transferred to you as the customer. They have access to unlimited stock but they need to know the size off your order, in order to arrange the refrigerant you require for your needs. They have a range of refrigerants, including Genetron 11, 12 and 13, available to suit all your needs. Once your order is placed they will handle all the packaging and shipping details. Some of their refrigerants need to be purchased in bulk due to the low cost and market availability.

Genetron is one of 13 refrigerants available from Refrigerant Supply Inc. The knowledgeable and efficient staff is standing by to assist you on (937) 4358600. Refrigerant Supply Inc. has a very user friendly and informative website at www.refrigerant-supply.com. Included on their website are very informative reference pages in order to assist you as the customer in determining what the best solution would be for your refrigerant needs. Refrigerant Supply Inc. also boasts an impressive reclamation and recycling program.

Refrigerant Supply Inc. carries an extensive range of products and brand names including Genetron. A few of the brand names carried are, EI Du Pont, Allied Signal Corporation and Alf Atochem. Each of these companies is well known within the industry for providing quality products. Refrigerant Supply Inc. can supply whichever refrigerant you prefer for you requirements. Regardless of the size of your order the staff at Refrigerant Supply Inc. will assist you and fill your order in an efficient and friendly manner.


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